Laravel GUI, To simply run artisan, composer and NPM commands and other helpful actions and get output in one click!

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Release notes:

Version 1.2 [2019-04-13]
  • Allowed copy/paste text in settings view.
  • Added folder picker to select a Laravel project path to save.
  • Save path to path list to switch between projects easily.
  • Maximize the app window.
  • Maximize and collapse the¬†output window.
  • Stop spinner loading indicator when output is ready.

Version 1.1 [2019-04-08]
  • SSH connectivity to execute same commands and actions remotely.
  • Test SSH connection and verify laravel path
  • SSH Mode button to turn ssh on/off
  • Laravel path and SSH details in settings as a separate window.
  • Composer commands (install - update).
  • NPM commands (install, update, run, watch).
  • Actions (None Laravel Artisan commands related).
  • View .env file action.
  • View Laravel log file action.
  • Clear Laravel log file action.
  • Give 777 permissions to storage and bootstrap/cache folders action.
  • Get Laravel application environment (local, staging, production).
  • Display server IP, for local environment.
  • Loading indicator while processing commands.
  • Copy button to copy output to clipboard.
  • UX and UI improvements.
  • General enhancement.

Version 1.0 [2019-03-25]
  • First release!

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